Bellevue Underground Mine

The Bellevue Underground Mine is the only AUTHENTIC HISTORIC UNDERGROUND COAL MINE TOUR available to Western Canada.

The Mine is a Museum based, family oriented, Historic Underground Coal Mining Museum tour site that offers it's visitors the opportunity to experience, first hand, what the Underground Miners from the first half of the 20th century would have experienced as they entered the Tunnels of the Bellevue Underground Mine to go to work to each day.                          

Experience the sights and sounds of the atmosphere around you as you walk 300 meters (1000 feet) into the exact tunnels that those early miners walked into over 100 years ago.

With our Official Historic Interpretive Guides, visitors will don hard hats, cap-lights and ponchos, (Dress warm for the Mine - it's cold in the tunnel) as you take part in our walk-in Guided tour that offers knowledgeable information about the Geology, history and events of the Bellevue Mine. Learn about the trials and tribulations that the company encountered as the Mine was developed and upgraded,  and hear interesting and interactive stories about the men who worked, lived and died in the Mine over the years.

                                                        the CHILL!

The entrance to the Bellevue Underground Mine Site is located just off of the main street in the town of Bellevue Alberta; Just east of the Ice cream shop.

Drive down the hill to the Mine site buildings where you will be greeted by one our staff members in the main building.

The Crowsnest Pass was formed as a result of the amalgamation of five Municipalities that includes the Village of Bellevue, the Town of Blairmore, the Town of Coleman, the Village of Frank and Improvement District No. 5 (which includes the Hamlet of Hillcrest).

There are numerous remains of buildings, Coke Ovens, and machinery that was used for both underground and above ground coal mining that can be seen all around the different Municipalities of the Crowsnest Pass.

                                               Come and explore the Coal Mining History of the Crownest Pass!

Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta

08 Nov 2014

Bellevue Underground Mine would like to give a huge thank you to the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta. With the Foundation’s generous donation, we will soon be purchasing new miner’s helmets and two discovery cases. The discovery cases will allow the Bellevue Underground Mine to extend its programing beyond the mine site. Soon the discovery cases, accompanying programs, and artifacts will be traveling to schools, senior’s lodges, and youth groups.

Happy Holidays!

02 Nov 2014

Holiday Hours

The Bellevue Underground Mine will be closed for the holidays from December 19/2014 to January 5/2015.  We will be open again in January for visitors and pre-booked tours. 

Happy Holidays!


"Music for the Mine"

29 Mar 2014

       "Music for the Mine"

         Fundraising Gala 2014

It's almost time for our 3rd Annual "Music for the Mine fundraising Gala and this year promises to be our most ENTERTAINING Event to date. To add to our evening of Dinner and Dancing, we have retained the hot new entertainment phenomena...

        * Game Show Mania *           The hilariously funny Game show experience that happens right before              your eyes!

The Mantrip Project

The Mantrip Project is a Database collection that contains over 9200 Names, Histories, Duties and Stories of the men who worked the Coal Mines of the Crowsnest Pass.


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